Biodiversity Conservation In Transboundary Protected Areas -

aichi biodiversity targets cbd - aichi poster tool summarizing progress towards the achievement of the aichi biodiversity targets, our work conserving natural resources wwf - as the world s leading conservation organization wwf works in 100 countries around the globe we seek to apply the wealth of our talents knowledge and passion to make the world wealthier in life in spirit and in living wonder of nature, itto cbd collaborative initiative for tropical forest - these projects are working in areas of high biodiversity in 26 countries and are directly contributing to the achievement of the cbd strategic plan for biodiversity 2011 2020 and in particular the forestry related aichi biodiversity targets 5 7 11 14 and 15, terms biodiversity a z - a glossary of definitions for terms relating to biodiversity ecosystems services and conservation all definitions are referenced where possible preference has been given to internationally recognised definitions for example those defined by international conventions or agreements, southern african development community transfrontier - a transfrontier conservation area tfca is defined in the sadc protocol on wildlife conservation and law enforcement 1999 as a component of a large ecological region that straddles the boundaries of two or more countries encompassing one or more protected areas as well as multiple resource use areas, agenda 21 nigeria united nations - click here to go to the following issues economic aspects natural resource aspects institutional aspects social aspects nigeria natural resource aspects of sustainable development in nigeria, environmental awareness naturalist intelligence - environmental awareness naturalist intelligence environment is the area in which we live the thin layer of air that surrounds our planet that supports life humans are the only kind of life that we know of that exists in our universe, unesco world heritage centre world heritage list - los glaciares national park jesuit missions of the guaranis san ignacio mini santa ana nuestra se ora de loreto and santa maria mayor argentina ruins of sao miguel das missoes brazil, kakadu national park unesco world heritage centre - kakadu national park this unique archaeological and ethnological reserve located in the northern territory has been inhabited continuously for more than 40 000 years