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hi i am currently a csp and i am seeing this comments and have to agree i am fairly new but am already seeing everything wrong like how the monies paid to me do not seem to match up with sow as well as the fact that no matter how much more hours i service the current week compared to the last and metrics still come back as crap, gold scams frauds fakes and scammers zen gold - gold fraud and gold scams as one of the fastest growing gold companies in britain and the worlds largest gold fraud scam resource we get 10 or more offers a day, how do i buy gold and silver usawatchdog - by greg hunter s usawatchdog com i often get many questions about how to buy gold and silver how do you buy gold and silver why should i buy gold and silver, contact pinterest customer service email phone number fax - contact pinterest customer service find pinterest customer support phone number email address customer care returns fax 800 number chat and pinterest faq speak with customer service call tech support get online help for account login, work on super yachts advice on everything you need to - 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