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1 biodiversity what is it where is it and why is it - biodiversity is a contraction of biological diversity it reflects the number variety and variability of living organisms and how these change from one location to another and over time biodiversity includes diversity within species genetic diversity between species species diversity and between ecosystems ecosystem diversity, what is biodiversity biodiversity u s national park - biological diversity or biodiversity is the variety of life on earth it includes all living things not just the plants and animals that are common or easily seen it includes species that are not well known such as microorganisms or invertebrates, what is biodiversity amnh - what is biodiversity the term biodiversity from biological diversity refers to the variety of life on earth at all its levels from genes to ecosystems and can encompass the evolutionary ecological and cultural processes that sustain life, what is biodiversity encyclopedia of life - a famous example of the danger of low agricultural biodiversity is the irish potato famine of 1845 during which the single potato species that the population consumed was effectively wiped out by the late blight fungus, biodiversity define biodiversity at dictionary com - examples from the web for biodiversity contemporary examples now the endangered species act which passed the house 355 4 in 1973 enshrines a national commitment to biodiversity, what is biodiversity its importance environmental - biodiversity is the variety of plants and animals living on earth carefully playing an important part in maintaining the balance of nature the diversity of species is not distributed throughout planet because life depends on many factors including geography, biodiversity stanford encyclopedia of philosophy - biodiversity is often defined as the variety of all forms of life from genes to species through to the broad scale of ecosystems for a list of variants on this simple definition see gaston 1996, what is biodiversity its importance and reasons for loss - biodiversity or biological diversity is a term that describes the variety of living beings on earth biological diversity encompasses microorganism plants animals and ecosystems such as coral reefs forests rainforests deserts etc, biodiversity definition facts britannica com - biodiversity also called biological diversity the variety of life found in a place on earth or often the total variety of life on earth a common measure of this variety called species richness is the count of species in an area, what is biodiversity youtube - science expert emerald robinson explains what biodiversity is and how it s studied to view over 15 000 other how to diy and advice videos on any topic, diversity definition of diversity by merriam webster - diversity definition is the condition of having or being composed of differing elements variety especially the inclusion of different types of people, why is biodiversity important who cares global issues - biodiversity is important more than just the i want my children to enjoy it reason for example the richness of diversity allows medicines and foods to be naturally available, biodiversity national geographic society - powerful pollinators bees birds and other creatures pollinate 75 percent of the world s major crops in areas with lots of biodiversity insects and other creatures pollinate plants naturally